“....I just want to give a testimonial to Bei at CheapLandFarm.com. She was able to help me get financed on some property. I am making my last payment this month. Everything went smoothly. She’s answered my questions throughout the process out of the 40 months I’ve been paying on it…I just want to thank you for letting me retain that dream…”
"...We contacted Bei Zhang at CheapLandFarm.com. She has some awesome listings. All the pricing was very reasonable. She was easy to work with, knowledgeable. The financing was easy and she was very flexible when we needed to make a change. We highly recommend buying land from CheapLandFarm.com.”
“...I had a great experience with Bei. She was very personable, easy to talk to and very professional. My land purchase went really smooth. Before I made my decision to go when CheapLandFarm.com, I shopped around quite a bit. Bei made this process so simple that I bought two plots of land from her and it was a great deal…”
“…I just want to reach out and say thank you Bei Zhang for helping me attain this 3.49 acres of Alamosa. If you look for purchasing Cheap Land, reach out to CheapLandFarm. Bei Zhang is a great person to work with…”
“…We purchased our property from Bei with CheapLandFarm.com about 3.5 years ago. When we did the purchase, she made it easy. She helped us to fit into our budget and we’ve been living on it since she’s awesome to work with. She wanted to make sure that it was something it was going to be afforatable and fit into our budget…”
“… I recently worked with CheapLandFarm.com, Bei in particular. She made this process very simple from the purchasing to the contract. We paid off early and it was seamless. Normally, I buy a lot of properties and have to go through underwriters and just takes forever. And with Bei was simple, fast, efficient and easy, made it great…”
“…I brought my property from Bei and CheapLandFarm.com when pandemic started. She made it really easy-Just came out with a down payment, zero percent financing and I was able to purchase my dream property. Now the proud owner of seven acres in Colorado…”
“… I recently purchased land from CheapLandFarm.com and Bei. The transaction was so smooth. She made it like I was there. Normally, when I do business, I’d like to see the things before I even buy anything, but because her research and all the things that they have done, I felt like I was there looking at the property physically. They are really responsive. If you ever need anything, Bei’s always there to help. I’m glad I purchased this land and will purchase even more land from her because they are responsive and very good people to deal with. I would recommend buying land from CheapLandFarm.com and Bei because they are honest people and they’ll treat you right and prices are really good…”
“…I financed a piece of property through CheapLandFarm.com roughly a year ago. When I purchased the property, I was unsure what to expect. I’d never made any major purchase over the internet or brought any real estate. Looking back now, the experience I’ve had with CheapLandFarm and Bei has been absolutely a great one. They’re very responsive and professional people to deal with…”
“…I’m a customer of CheapLandFarm.com and Bei, the owner, is an amazing person. She helped me get my land dream two years ago now. I am still paying on it over the next year or so. They didn’t do any credit check…and you can go ahead and build on it. I think it’s a really good program they have and it makes it easy for people like me, average working person to owning land…They are great company and they work with you on monthly payments…”
“… I have always wanted to be a landowner. CheapLandfarm.com makes it simple and easy for me to be a land owner. Thanks Bei so much for helping me get my dream of my life to come true and it was easy to have my own place now my own land that I can call my very own…”
“…I’m a recent purchaser of a property from Bei of CheapLandFarm.com. I love how easy it was to be able to look at their properties online get financing though them and look at it all from the comfort of my home on my phone. Any and all questions that I had, Bei answered them quickly and she was very knowledgeable…”
"...It's really easy and very flexible to work with. She gave me the GPS coordinates with maps and specific instructions for the land I purchases out there in Colorado. I was able to do everything online so it's a very smooth process from signing all the documents sending them online and she even worked with me afterwards to get land authorization form..."
“…I just want to thank you Bei and CheapLandFarm.com for helping me get my beautiful piece of property. It was absolutely fantastic helped me get documentation notarized very quickly, so I can build driveways and buildings on the property. Absolutely fantastic to work with and can’t wait to work with you again…”
“…Something I really like about the company is they gave me the opportunity to purchase land and property when my credit score made it difficult to find a loan through a bank. They’ve been very transparent throughout the entire process. Their automated payment system makes it easy to just set up your billing and then forget about it and it does its own thing. I found the ownership throughout the entire process has been very open and easy to communicate…”
“…I recently purchased a piece of property with ChepLandFarm.com in Tucson, Arizona where I live and work, using seller financing. Bei is very flexible in an unpredictable situation. She’s willing to offer creative solution to solve the challenges that we are facing. I’m happy with my deal…”
Luis R
"I just wanted to give you my extended Thank You! You are seriously helping make my dream come true to own land in Colorado. I will forever be grateful for your great efforts to help individuals like myself!  I am very excited for my life to improve thanks to owning my new land.  I will share your website with my many friends who are also looking for vacant land  :) May all your wishes come true as well dear friend!"
Dan M
"Thank you very much! you have been so professional and easy to work with."
Ray Y
Congratulations! We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
"I started looking for land in Colorado in 2020 I found a parcel at cheaplandfarm.com. I was skeptical at first with them being based in Indiana but I took the chance and so glad I did 2 years later and the deed is now in my hand. Highly recommend!"
Tristan E
Thank you so much Tristin for your feedback! It's our pleasure of doing business with you.
"My journey to become a property Was amazing thanks to ....BEI was amazing every step of the way. paid my debt down glad they trusted me I'm the owner of 3 acres I'm also a mom of 3 and have something to pass down thank you noble property holding look forward to working with you in the future."
Shantay J
Thank you Shantay for your feedback! It's our pleasure doing business with you!
"...Working with Bei made the buying process so much easier. She was professional, friendly and helpful..."
Rosemarie B.
Thank you Rosemarie for your feedback! We will keep our high standards for communicating effectively and always finding a way to be productive.
"...Bei I did receive your check and I deposited it yesterday successfully. Thanks again for your integrity in this matter. I pray much success for your future. Please be safe and well."
Wanda S
Wanda is new for buying land. After find out she's not fully ready to purchase any land, we refunded her payments and wish her all the best.
"I recently bought some property in Colorado through CheapLandFarm.com. They were a pleasure to work with. All my questions were answered in a timely and very professional manner. The whole transaction was seamless. If I'm in the market again for a similar property I would definitely use them and would highly recommend them to others."
Thank you so much John for your review! It's our pleasure of doing business with you. We value the human touch that really makes the difference in being truly responsive to our customers.
"Bei-Thank you for the quick response. It has been a really pleasure doing business with you. This is a beautiful piece of land. My daughter was supposed to to go this weekend, but it was snowing. You did a great job describing the land and the pictures are beautiful. I’m so happy with the purchase..."
Maria C
It's our pleasure of doing business with Maria!
"Bei was always polite and professional during conversations throughout this purchase. I had many questions and Bei was informative and patient. I was most impressed with some creative payment options that Bei came up with in order to meet our needs. All in all, we were very satisfied with this company."
It's our pleasure of doing business with Dana! We always try our best to keep the communication process simple, get creative and remove the confusion.
"Wow, what a great email. Almost seems hard to believe. It was such a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to work together with you to attain this property. I am going to print these forms out and as mentioned, I will make sure to document my journey along with the process I followed and once I am complete I will forward the details out to you so you can use it as a reference. Have a great night, and again, thank you so much!"
Roberto G
Thank you for being such a great customer! It’s a pleasure working with you.
"Bei made this process of buying land very easy and eased my mind on the prospect of purchasing land over the internet. Very professional and helpful as well!"
Chris S
Thank you Chris for your feedback! We'd love to keep our operational process simple, transparent and flexible to help meet changing needs.
"My land purchase from Bei was a smooth business transaction. Bei is professional and prompt with responses. She even offered an alternate settlement company in my area to the one I intended to choose. They were cheaper, so I went with them and they were also good to work with. This purchase was exceptionally simple and swift, especially considering the many delays that the pandemic seems to cause. I'd do business with her company again and recommend them to others."
Tom R
Thank you Tom for your feedback. It's our pleasure working with you as well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the subdivision and property photos with us. It was very informative. We will do everything we can to ensure that our customers have a best overall closing experience with us.
"I just wanted to say thank you for your sincere help throughout the entire process, seamless transaction. My first land purchase, so excited! I look forward to the next transaction. Blessings!"
Carletta S
We look forward to have more business with Carletta.
"... Bei offered great terms and, at my request, moved the transaction along very rapidly. Shortly after closing, the county in which I was working decided they would not issue a permit if the land was being purchased on contract. Showing incredible generosity and decency, Bei reduced the agreed upon price to a new cash price and pushed the paper work through the recordation process with the county in a very few days. As has been mentioned by other commenters, Bei is an excellent communicator. EVERY phone call and email was responded to within a very few hours. In short, I am looking forward to our next transaction."
Brian B
Brian is already starting building his dream home on the land purchased from us.
"Thank you Bei, appreciate the documents and the quick turnaround."
Joshua D
"I have to admit I was initially a little nervous buying land online from someone I'd never met, but Bei was professional and made me feel very comfortable with buying from her. I would work with her again!
Laura E
Thank you Laura for sharing your experience of doing business with us! We understand that the closing process of buying or selling property online can make some feel a bit nervous. With that in mind, we feel that it is important to keep our customers in the loop with timely updates throughout the closing process. Our goal is to make the closing process simple, easy and transparent for our customers.
"Bei was always friendly and informative, and accommodated all my needs, answered all my questions and worked with me to make the purchase without issues. I will definitely be working with her again.
Ronald J
As a real estate investor, I strive to make the process as smooth as possible for our customers. I truly appreciate the positive feedback from Ron!
"Thank you so much!! It was nice doing business with you. Hope to do business in the near future."
Kafi W
Kafii is a first-time land buyer who is referred to us via word of month. Kafi is excited about her new purchased mountain land in Florissant, Colorado.
"...We really appreciate your professionalism and experience.We will give very high recommendations about your company to our friends, or anyone else we hear of that is looking for property.We will also keep an eye out for land that you may offer in the future..."
Darrell B
Darrell was looking for an affordable mountain lot near lakes and he was excited to find this 0.5-acre lot near Pagosa Springs with such a bargain price. He also mentioned that he would definitely work with us again to purchase more properties.
"...how grateful Jose and I are in the purchase of our land in Pueblo.Thank you for the professional, easy and helpful manner you extended to us. We will gladly recommend you to family and friends. Our experience with you was great. Thank you again!"
Esther and Jose brought one of our 9.4 Acres lot in Pueblo unseen. We were glad to learn that Ester and Jose were happy about the land after visited the property. It's our pleasure working with Esther and Jose.
"Thank you for providing us with easy title  transaction on short notice!"
Kevin S
Thank you Kevin for ordering our property in Yuma! Kevin did his homework and also made our job easy. :)
“This was an awesome experience. I recommend everybody look quality land dear reach out to Bargain Land. They always offer attractive price with great service.”
James W
James had been looking for a large acreage land to build his family farm. We were able to tailor a payment plan to meet his needs.

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