What are the costs for installing well, septic tank and power?

Please understand we are real estate investors instead of builders. Local builders will able to provide you accurate estimates because these costs vary in different areas. When purchase our properties, our research is focus on property title and zoning code. As end user, you will need to reach out to the local contractors for their feedback.

Do you survey the property before you sell it?

No. The properties we sell have been discounted below market value to provide the most value for our buyers. Not all buyers want or require a survey. If we were to have a survey done for the property, we would just have to include the cost of a survey in the price.

In some cases, a plat map or survey may be on file with the county; if we have this information, we will gladly share it with the buyer.

Any survey required of the land will be the buyer’s responsibility.

What is document fee? Why it is non-refundable?

Once clicked the “Buy-Now” button on the property page, you will be required to pay the document fee. Document fee is paid for us to prepare the closing documents. It is not part of the purchase price. Document fee is Non-Refundable because preparing paperwork takes a significant of our time; on top of that, securing the property for you also at the cost of losing our business opportunities to sell the property to other buyers.

Therefore, please complete your independent due diligence and exercise an appropriate degree of caution before initiating paying the non-refundable document fee to tiger the closing process.

Are you a realtor?

No. We are not realtors. We are real estate investors. We own all the properties listed on our website. We are not representing anyone to sell, rather, we are selling our own properties. Without any middleman, we are able to offer you bargain price.

I want to purchase a property but how do I know you are legit?

Modern technologies enable us to sell properties online without time and geographical boundaries. You can directly order our properties online 24/7. In fact, the efficiency of our online model allows us to provide bargain deals. We value honesty, transparency and accountability for our business. We are more than willing to disclose the property ownership information for your verification. We also offer documentation prior to charge property payment. A signed purchase agreement between Buyer (you) and Seller (us) is required by us before money changes hands.

If still skeptical of the legitimacy of our business,  you should hire a title company or real estate attorney to help close the purchase.

What does “pending” mean?

If you saw a property marked as “Pending”, it means someone clicked the “Buy-Now” button paid the document fee. We are securing the property for that buyer and in the closing process. Normally it takes 3-7 days to finalize a “Pending” status.

Who will show me the property?

Please feel free to visit any available lots listed on our website at your convenience. No appointment needed.

We own all the lots we are selling and we are based in Indianapolis. In fact, we brought most our lots unseen after our due diligence. We keep our property price low by eliminating the costs of hiring any local representative to show the lot.

You can simply plug in the site address or GPS coordinates into your smart phone or GPS device to visit the property. All GPS Coordinates are detailed in the individual property pages.

On the other hand, if you feel it is too difficult to visit a lot without anyone to help showing, it might be better off for you to seeking a traditional way of buying properties offered by other sellers.

Who is responsible for due diligence?

All our properties are sold “as-is, where is” condition. It is your responsibility to conduct your own independent due diligence prior to purchase.

Our property page is a good place to start. While we tried our best to disclose all the general information we know about our properties, as an end user, you need to verify with the County Zoning and Building Office regarding the land use and building code to make sure the property you are interested in purchasing is able to meet your special needs. We also strongly ask you to physically visit the property prior to purchase.

The GPS coordinates information is for the purpose of locating your property only. It is a good start for you to understand the approximately property lines. To 100% accurately mark your property boundary lines, you need to hire a licensed local surveyor to help identify the exact corners of your property.

Can I use or build on the land during seller financing period?

What is the Purchase Process?

If you are satisfied with your due diligence and ready to move forward with the purchase process, here are your step-by-step instructions on how to buy land.

Step 1. Click the blue “BUY NOW” button on the property page to pay the document fee and fill out all questions for us to prepare and process the paperwork. Please understand that the document fee is non-refundable and is not included in the purchase price regardless it is a cash purchase or seller financing purchase. The document fee is an one-time fee for us to prepare purchase agreement and it is non-refundable.

Step 2. Once you’ve checked out, the “Buy-Now” button will be automatically disabled. In other words, other buyers are not able to order the same property you just ordered. The property is secured for you immediately. Within the next several minutes, you will be received a confirmation email from us to acknowledge that we received your nonrefundable document fee payment.

For Cash Purchase, if you prefer to hire a title company or lawyer to close the purchase at your costs, please contact us first to align the details prior to click the “Buy-Now” button.

For Seller Financing Purchase, it is only in-house close only. If you want to pay a larger down or apply shorter months, please contact us to align the details prior to click the “Buy-Now” button.

If you have any concerns or specific questions about the purchase process, please contact us to clarify your concerns and questions prior to click the “Buy-Now” button.

Step 3. Within 24 hours of receiving your documents fee, we will send you an Agreement via email using SignNow.com to sign digitally.

For  seller financing purchase, once you sign the agreement digitally, we will set you up on automatic ACH payments (the ACH authorization form is included in the last page of the Agreement ) for your down payment  and  recurring monthly payments. We will process to collect your down payment on Day 3 and monthly payments on Day 30th.  It normally takes 2-4 days to complete an ACH payment.The process is automated, which means payments will be regularly taken without any need for manual interference.

Step 4. Whenever you paid in FULL, we will transfer the property title to you within 10 business days. No additional fees for you.

Below is a video to show you how to order properties on our website:

How to use the GPS Coordinates to drive to the land without an address?

Many states doesn’t assign a street address until there is some permit for improvements requested. You can enter the Latitude/Longitude measurements on our website (known as the GPS coordinates) for the property and it should be very easy to find the exact property location. Below is a video tutorial:

Do I need to qualify for financing or how does this work?

No, you don’t need to qualify for financing. We do not look at your credit score, rather, we will deed the property to you once you paid in FULL.

How Long can I finance the property? How low can I expect my monthly payment to be?

Our listed seller financing price is a much higher price than our one time cash price. They are two different prices. In general, the more of the down payment, the less of the months, the closer to our cash price. Please reach out to us if you want to customize a financing plan.

We are flexible regarding the length of the loan (time to pay-off)-It can be 3-5 years. We are flexible regarding the Monthly payment as well.

Is there any penalty for paying off a property early?

No. You can pay off your property at any time with no pre-payment penalty whatsoever. Just call us at any time and we will let you know your pay-off amount.

What kind of Contract will I be signing when purchasing a piece of land at your seller financing?

When purchasing a wonderful piece of land at our financing, we will both esign a land contract which lays out all the terms of the transaction including the sale price, down payment, monthly payments, interest rate, cost of loan, and all the details commonly in such a document. Once you pay for a property in full, in most situations, your title to the property will be conveyed via Special Warranty Deed within 10 business days. This form of deed gives you one of the highest levels of protection.

I want to visit the land but not able to find the address?

Many states doesn’t assign a street address until there is some permit for improvements requested. You can enter the Latitude/Longitude measurements on our website (known as the GPS coordinates) for the property and it should be very easy to find the exact property location.

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