How To Use GPS Coordinates To Drive to the Land?

Do I need to qualify for financing or how does this work?

NO, you don’t need to qualify for financing. we do not look at your credit at all. We do not look at your credit score and even bankruptcies are fine.

How Long can I finance the property? How low can I expect my monthly payment to be?

We are flexible regarding the length of the loan (time to pay-off)-It can be 3-8 years. We are flexible regarding the Monthly payment as well.

Is there any penalty for paying off a property early?

No. You can pay off your property at any time with no pre-payment penalty whatsoever. Just call us at any time and we will let
you know your pay-off amount.

What kind of Contract will I be signing when purchasing a piece of land at your seller financing?

When purchasing a wonderful piece of land at our financing, we will both sign/notarize a land contract which lays out all the terms of the transaction including the sale price, down payment, monthly payments, interest rate, cost of loan, and all the details commonly in such a document. Once you pay for a property in full, your title to the property will be conveyed via Special Warranty Deed within thirty (30) business days. This form of deed gives you, the valued customer, one of the highest levels of protection. In other words, we will help you record the deed with the county recorder’s office. to do so, it gives you full security and puts you in a clear ownership position. Then the recorder’s office will mail you the deed to your address.

I want to visit the land but not able to find the address?

Many states doesn’t assign a street address until there is some permit for improvements requested. You can enter the Latitude/Longitude measurements on our website (known as the GPS coordinates) for the property and it should be very easy to find the exact property location.

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