Named after the United States Senator Henry M. Teller, Teller County came into being in 1899. The county contains former gold mining camps, which include Cripples Creek, and Woodland Park. The history of this county is filled with drama and tragedies, after few years of gold mining, a feud happened between the miners and mine owners, which resulted in the formation of this town. Teller County was formed as a result of the division of El Paso County. It is also the site of the historical Colorado Labor War.

The county has a total area of 559 square miles, of which 557 square miles is land and the remaining 0.3% is water with an average of 13 inches of rain per year. This historically significant town has a population of around 23000+ residents, with a number of very amazing and full of life towns, for instance; Divide, Florissant, Victor, Cripples Creek, and Woodland Park. Tellers County is home to some of the most astonishing and breathtaking recreational and historical sites.

Things to Do in Teller County!

No matter what your age is or what your interests are, Teller County has something for everyone. From renowned restaurants to crazy entertainment centers, everything is worth trying. A theatre, art galleries, and heritage center is a treat for art lovers. If you are a traveler, the esthetic mountains and the clean fresh air of Teller County are a perfect place for you.

Local points of interest:


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Teller County is filled with a wide range of restaurants, giving a fun experience exploring these places. Breakfast at Pantry in Green Mountain Falls, a cup of coffee from Gold Hill Java, or a French toast from Hungry Bear, all these just delicious. With a lot of options of fine dining and a wide range of continental menus, Divide, Florissant, Cripple Creek, and Woodland Park are must-visit places for you.

Adventurous Outdoor Activities

Exploring the natural beauty of Teller county, some popular outdoor activities include hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing, ATV riding a lot more.

Backpacking, mountaineering and hiking, Rock climbing in Teller County

Teller County is hiking heaven with over a million acres waiting for you to be explored. Pike National Forest, BLM land, and Colorado State Parks offer a lifetime backpacking experience. High mountain peaks, multiple trailheads, and magical wildlife almost make you forget about the life outside it.

In the majestic Rocky Mountains, every peak is waiting for you to be conquered. The snow-capped peaks look unreal even in summers and can attract you to have a go at it. Teller county has more than 20 hiking trails filled with glorious wildlife around it. Rock climbing sites are also present for all rock climbers near Rampart Reservoirs.

Teller County Camping Opportunities, Kayaking, and Canoeing

Teller County offers a lot of options for camping sites. No matter if you are with your family, couple, or completely by yourself, there are also affordable rental cabins available for you.

The County is surrounded by lakes and streams, so if you want to have a thrilling experience of kayaking or canoeing, get ready to explore the water in between the Rocky Mountains.

You can begin your water adventure on several nearby lakes:

  • Rampart Reservoir east of Woodland Park
  • Spinney Mountain State Park
  • Manitou Lake north of Woodland Park
  • Eleven Mile Reservoir
  • Skaguay Reservoir in Victor

A myriad of fishing sites

Colorado’s Pikes Peak area is a perfect place to test your fishing skills no matter if you are new at it or a pro. The water holds rainbow, cutthroats, Mackinaw, and a few brook trout.

Furthermore, the Eleven-mile Reservoir is open for boating half-hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset. With a bit of luck and proper bait, you can easily catch a handful of trout. Moreover, Manitou Lake is under US forest service and fishing success majorly depends on periodic stoking.

Rampart Reservoir is another amazing site for fishing. The Early season is almost perfect for fishing with improved water levels loaded with rainbow and mackinaws. At Skaguay Reservoir Fishing is mostly done with artificial flies and lures whereas orange and yellow egg patterns are used in deeper water.

Wildlife and hunting at Tellers County

A wide range of birds and wildlife dwells in Colorado including Elk, Bald and Golden Eagles, and many more. While being in the wild, hunting instincts arouse a person.  Tellers County provides the license for big game and small game hunting. There are various animals to choose from for hunting such as; Merriam’s turkeys, black bears, Mule deer, rocky mountain bighorn sheep and to name a few. 

Exclusive Golf Club

Shining Mountain Golf Club is situated above 8500 above sea level where sunlight is reflected from the ice, makes it a “shining mountain” which you wouldn’t want to miss.

Off-road vehicles

Teller county ATV, dirt bike, and 4 wheel drives are some of the adventures and thrilling rides in the county. You surely don’t want to miss the instructions before riding on any one of these to avoid any difficulty on the trails. Different forest and wildlife organizations have managed to provide a safe hiking experience through well-maintained trails limiting the damages to the forest and the hikers.

Life in Teller County, Colorado

Attracted towards the majestic mountains, fresh air, and the glorious natural wildlife of the county, a lot of people are calling it their home. A diverse population can be seen living in the county including different professionals. The residents are very friendly and won’t miss a chance of showing you the best of Teller County.

A variety of religious organizations, schools, cultural programs, summer camps, and much more can be seen as a part of Teller County’s lifestyle.

If you want to get away from your hectic routine and need some time to breathe, well stop looking for anything else. Pack your bags with your friends and family and head towards Teller County for a peaceful rather adventurous experience.

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