SOLD- Beautiful Mountain Property in Idaho Springs, Colorado 80452

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Road Access
Build on this Land:
Residential Property.
Residential and Recreational
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0.39 acres thinly treed sloped land beside a mountain road called Aspen Road in Idaho Springs, Clear County, Colorado. This underdeveloped area has all the utility connections for living like power, water and sewerage. This is a great chance to own a mountain retreat place near big city. Denver is only 43 miles away and less than 1 hour to drive. If anyone wants an isolated private place or place to sit on own land side of a mountain then this is the place for him. You can build your dream gateway home here from where you can enjoy the beautiful views across the valley and down over Clear Creek. There are few permanent residents too here with some year round residents. From Denver you will get excellent roadside views of mountains and valleys on the way to drive. From Idaho Springs it is only 11.6 miles away. This a great camping spot. You will find lots of fun things to do like hiking, hunting, dirt biking, ATVing, rock climbing, rafting, zip lining, fishing, and much more here. The surrounding area is unique combination of trees and rocky mountains. The aspen and pine forest outlined by rock outcroppings and flowing meadows made this area great for nature loving photographers.
Build-able : Yes. But we might have to spend little bit more money for excavation. It’s kind a like a triangle. We might face some difficultes to build a here.

Best Attributes : Easy commute to Denver with great views Property
Tax :$ 67.30
Zoning : Residential Property..
Zoning code: R2
General Location : Only One Hour Drive to Denver;
HOA/POA : This is Saint Marry Subdivision and it is under Property Owners Association (POA) .
Elevation : 10227
Mineral Rights : N/A
Terrain : Slop Utilities : Please contact Utilities Department -phone:719-547-3554)
Roads : Yes
Time to Build : No. But once we get the building permit then we have to build here by 2 years.

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