We offer a cash price, as well as seller financing on most of our properties. Basically, Our seller financing price and cash price are two different prices.

With our selling financing plans, we allow buyers to make monthly installments to pay off the property over an agreed-upon length of time. In return, we receive a higher overall price than the one-time cash price to compensate for the time value of money at our cost.

When we sell for cash, we get our money right away and can use that money to invest in other deals.  On the contrary, when we finance a property, our funds are tied up for the duration of the finance period.  In addition, there are other costs, risks, and time resources associated with managing an owner finance agreement.

Most of our properties will already have seller financing terms listed on the property page. If you would like a financing plan that gets you closer to the one-time cash price, we can work with you to customize a plan with a higher down payment or shorter terms, please contact us to discuss your options.