If you are satisfied with your due diligence and ready to move forward with the purchase process, here are your step-by-step instructions on how to buy land.

Step 1. Click the blue “BUY NOW” button on the property page to pay the document fee and fill out all questions for us to prepare and process the paperwork. Please understand that the document fee is non-refundable and is not included in the purchase price regardless it is a cash purchase or seller financing purchase. The document fee is a one-time fee for us to prepare the purchase agreement and it is non-refundable.

Step 2. Once you’ve checked out, the “Buy-Now” button will be automatically disabled. In other words, other buyers are not able to order the same property you just ordered. The property is secured for you immediately. Within the next several minutes, you will be received a confirmation email from us to acknowledge that we received your non-refundable document fee payment.

For a Cash Purchase, if you prefer to hire, at your cost, a title company or lawyer to close the purchase, please contact us first to align the details prior to clicking the “Buy-Now” button. 

For Seller Financing Purchase, it is only in-house close only. If you want to pay a larger down payment or apply for a shorter number of months, please contact us to align the details prior to clicking the “Buy-Now” button.

If you have any concerns or specific questions about the purchase process, please contact us to clarify your concerns and questions prior to clicking the “Buy-Now” button.

Step 3. Within 24 hours of receiving your documents fee, we will send you an Agreement via email using SignNow.com to sign digitally.

For a seller financing purchase, once you have signed the agreement digitally, we will set you up on automatic ACH payments (the ACH authorization form is included on the last page of the Agreement) for your down payment and recurring monthly payments. We will process to collect your down payment on Day 3 and schedule your monthly payment on Day 30.  It normally takes 2-4 days to complete an ACH payment. The process is automated, which means payments will be regularly taken without any need for manual interference.

Step 4. When you have paid in FULL, we will transfer the property title to you within 10 business days. No additional fees to process this for you.

Below is a video to show you how to order properties on our website: