SOLD-40 Acre Land Surrounded by the Mountains


40 Acre Land Surrounded by the Mountains with great access!!

The 40 acre parcel in located in the valley. The view is beautiful and you are surrounded by mountains. It is very close to the Wilow Creek Reservoir and highway 159.It is a great place for you to escape the daily grind of the big, noisy cities and have plenty of room for recreation. Ride horses, all-terrain vehicles, or mountain bikes. It is a fun area to explore with your kids. This property is a good investment that provides peace of mind. When you know you own a part of the real west, you feel better about the security of your future.

*Disclaimer – The listing information provided is a good start for buyers to conduct their own independent due diligence. Buyers should not use this listing information as the sole basis for making purchase decisions. Buyers must perform their own due diligence prior to completing any land purchase. This property is being sold “as-is” and all information provided is to the best of the seller’s knowledge at the time of listing. Seller does not guarantee accuracy of property location on maps or descriptions show in listing as well as facts describing the property. Buyer is responsible for verifying all details related to the property including but not limit to property location, boundaries and lot lines, and the feasibility to use the property for the desired purpose. Utilities related to the property could potentially be subject to a connection charge or additional expenses to bring them to or onto the property; the buyer should check with local utility providers to verify. As for property images in the listing, many of the pictures provided have not been personally taken by the seller and some of the pictures represent the general area near or around the property.

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