SOLD-16 Acres Mountain Land near Vail, Colorado 81657

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16 acres of mountain heaven land in historic Holy Cross City, Minturn, Eagle County, Colorado, 0.27 miles from Hunky Dory Lake, 0.54 miles from Cleveland Lake. This place is only 33 miles from the Leadville County Airport and 48 miles from Eagle. The Denver is 125 miles and Colorado Spring is 157 miles away. The hidden mountain town Red Cliff is only 14 miles away and the abandon mining town Gilman is 17 miles away. You can get all of your necessary utilities from the Red Cliff. This extremely beautiful place is on the top of a small higher land with tremendous surrounding mountain views. The surrounding places are mixture of mountains and lakes with meadow. You will get also the Seven Sisters Lake, the Mulhall Lake and the Whitney Lake within 1.7 miles. The surrounding mountains are the Fools Peak, the Savage Peak, the Middle mountains, the Avalance Peak and the Gold Dust Peak. This whole area is surrounded by White River National Forest and Holy Cross Wilderness on three sides while one side is bordering with the town. The Cleveland Lake along with few others are always open to fishing and floating boats. These are the strong attractions of this place. One another main reason of choosing this area is nearness to ski areas. You will have the option of cross-county skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. The seasonal camping, hiking, mountain climbing are bonus here. So, you can make this piece of mountain heaven as recreational living place or quite mountain home living near utilities. The price is remarkably lower.
Size: 16.33 Acres
Attributes: View of Ski slope, Mountains, Creek, Golf Course, Ski Access.
Super Neighborhood
Road Access: N/A
Ski Access
Property Tax: 53

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