Surrounded by magnificent mountains and a myriad of hot springs, Clear Creek County is located 20 miles west of Denver, Colorado, United States. The county was named after the creeks running through it. Clear Creek County was legislated by the government of Colorado on November 1st, 1861, having the original boundaries since then. According to the census of 2010, the population of Clear Creek County was 9,700 residents.Georgetown is the county seat and Idaho Springs is its largest and most populous town, with a population of 1717 people. The county has an area of about 396 square miles  The climate of Clear Creek County changes drastically with summer temperatures above 65˚ F and winter temps that drop to -10 ˚ F with the heavy snowfall.


The history of Clear Creek County is full of suspense and drama. Its history dates back to the gold discovery in different counties of Colorado. Andrew Jackson discovered gold on January 7th, 1859 which ultimately triggered the Goldrush all around the Clear Creek and Chicago Creek. Clear Creek County was one of the original 17 Colorado counties that were divided on 1st November 1861. The county has historic communities that were part of 1800’s mining camps such as Georgetown, Idaho Springs, Empires, and Silver Plume.

Things to Do in Clear Creek County!

Clear Creek County features a plethora of activities, from historic attractions, exotic food to outdoor adventures. The charming and mysterious mountain towns have plenty to offer, whether you think of hiking, hunting, water rafting, ice skating, ice racing, and what not? You can do any adventurous activity in this hell of a beautiful county.

Local points of interest:

Clear Creek County contains some of the most beautiful towns in Colorado, like Georgetown, Silver Plume, and Idaho Springs. Georgetown is the capital of this county and has rich culture and history. It evolved from a simple mining site to a vibrant town. While, exploring Georgetown you can become familiar with some amazing historical sites, museums and eat some exclusive delicacies from a multitude of restaurants and cafés, such as Mountain buzz café and Euro Grill, etc. Furthermore, you can visit Silver Plume, by taking a train ride on the Georgetown loop railroad.  Silver Plume is a fascinating town, tucked in the canyon at an altitude of 9000 feet.  It is also known as a “Ghost Town” with a population of only 200 residents.  Silver Plume also has some exclusive bakeries, cafes, and bars. You can reach Idaho Springs from Denver easily; visitors can explore beautiful and historic downtown with western architecture. The town of Idaho has some unique hotels and cafés with exclusive amenities, for instance, the Silver Lake Lodges, Miner Pick Bed, and Breakfast, Argo and Suites, Columbine Inn.

Outdoor points of interest:

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Clear Creek County “A House of Adventures”. It is home to several hiking trails, such as 4 “fourteeners”, etc. Moreover, it has some mysterious national parks such as Arapaho, Pike, Roosevelt, and Mount Evans, etc. You name a Mountains sport, Clear Creek County will offer you.

Ice Sports:

Clear Creek County is home to some amazing ice sports, such as skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, and ice racing. Whether you are looking for a Rocky Mountain adventure with your friend or with family, Clear Creek County will offer you a lifetime experience.  A few miles from Denver is the Loveland Ski and Echo Mountain Ski areas, where you can stay for a day or a longer period depending on your accommodation. Clear Creek County is also famous for its Ice Racing. Since 1977, it is been organized from January to February every year. Locals and travelers bring their four-wheelers to Georgetown Lake to participate in a thrilling ice race. The favorite pastime of locals is ice skating at gold-digger stadium Idaho Springs and Werline Park.

Hunting :

Clear Creek County is home to some amazing landscapes and wilderness, like Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest, and State Wildlife areas that are open for hunting throughout the year. These areas are close to the historic mining towns. If you don’t want to camp there, you can simply visit these towns. In Clear Creek County you need a license to hunt some big game animals, such as elk, bighorn sheep, bison, deer, even mountain lion. Some small hunting animals include turkey, waterfowl, rabbits, squirrels, ptarmigan, and coyotes. The county is open for hunters throughout the year. Check with Colorado Parks and Wildlife Office for information about licensing and seasons for specific wildlife

Fishing :

Clear Creek County offers a lot of fishing sites for visitors, near mountain lakes and streams as well as downstream rivers and reservoirs. However, the most unique fishing site is Georgetown Lake. You can enjoy ice fishing in winters, with your friends and family on a lovely afternoon at 8,530 feet above sea level.

Hiking, Rock Climbing, Zip lining:

The county is filled with a spectacular range of mountains, lakes, streams, and breathtaking views. It has various hiking and rock climbing sites such as Floyd Hill Open Space, Sluice downhill trail, Clear Creek Canyon Park, etc. Moreover, you can enjoy the zip line in the Alpine Mountains. Clear Creek County is considered a mecca for rock climbers as it contains, most thrilling and challenging mountain climbing ranges, for instance, 14ers are the peaks that have a “Class 5” climbing trail which is considered to be the most difficult to climb.

Off-road tracks:

With the most amazing mountain terrain, Clear Creek County has some of the most thrilling off-road tracks for bikes, ATVs, and 4-wheelers. The most famous trails are Devils Canyon, Saxon Mountains, and Jones Pass. Clear Creek County is a perfect mixture of exclusive downtown, culture, and breathtaking natural sites. It is full of adventures and thrill. So, if you are looking for a peaceful place with infinite opportunities to explore nature. Then clear creek county is your stop! Check out some of our Clear Creek County properties by clicking the button below  

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